Tuesday, June 28, 2005

75% of Web Searches for "UFOs" are by Men

Evidence - excess testosterone on display in the field

According to Yahoo Buzz, searches on UFO subjects are 14% above last month. With Nick Redfern's new book on Roswell, the flood of "UFO fleet" videos from Mexico, and new (though controversial) UFO videos from New Mexico, the public is getting a steady dose of things UFOlogical, and apparently want to know more. Unfortunately, the field is attracting chiefly more males to compete for alpha status...with few suitable courters in sight.

This is a golden opportunity for the field to put on its best, most credible (preferably washed and scented) face. A small disparate group of luminaries should hold a press conference, and soberly assess the current crop of theories and cases, to provide a curious public not only with information, but with a sense that there IS a credible UFOlogical community. A "proof" that while holding diverse opinions, UFO researchers can still analyze, seek expert opinion, come to a concensus, and dispose of these issues without rancor, without juvenile personal attacks, and without hyperbole.

I think the un-likelihood of this is evidenced by the title and sub-title of this missive. Perhaps the field of UFOlogy has a fundamental problem, resulting in the current squabbling, name-calling, intolerance and outright incivility.

Perhaps the field is long overdue for a nice round rogering.

The conundrum this immediately presents is...how do we attract suitable females to a field that is predominantly male, and whose vast majority of information seekers is male?

The worlds Mathematicians, Physicists, Computer geeks, and Economists all eagerly await an answer.

UFOlogy...are you up to the task? Maybe a t-shirt sales campaign..."Abduct a UFOlogist Today!"..."UFOlogists do it without an ET"...or my favorite..."ET, have your sister phone ME! 555-2543". If we could nab a nice Brad Pitt... or Tom Cruise (imagine him melting down with Lauer over the Mantell case..."Do you know Mantell"!...do you know the maximum safe altitude without an oxygen mask?!!)...the mind boggles.

Something must be "done"...and soon. Otherwise, we may be faced with an armegeddon-like, orgy of annihilation...death and grue everywhere, and out of the smoldering rubble would crawl Stan Friedman and Dick Hall...and not a courter in sight.

Hopefully they will find a deck of cards. It doesn't have to be this way...

Something must be done to "stem" the tide of testosterone. I'm fairly certain that if the alpha-males of UFOlogy got laid, there'd be much more cooperation and a better overall attitude. So do your part. Drop your geiger counter, push away from the PC, stash your poison pen, and go out there and GET SOME. Please!

Of couse, I could be wrong.

I come from a country that has some story with UFO's and radiotelescopes detecting intelligent life on other planets and here is 50-50. I guess women are also interested but little bit more reserved.

I suggest that the answer would be to hold an annual UFO conference in Carson City, Nevada (er... to be precise, just outside city limits). Then some of those guys you talk about (not us, of course) could "work off" some of their frustrations.


Hey Paul,

I'd go to that one...the "Photo-ops" alone would be worth the airfare. *LOL*

Thanks for writing.
Morgana -

I LOVE your name. *S*

We have a number of women in the UFO field here in the States. The number however is dwarfed by that of the guys.

The real problem here is that we don't have young, nubile UFO "groupies". That would make UFO conventions MUCH more popular.

But no...our groupies are tubby, Dorito-eating computer-geeks for the most part. Good folks, but not useful for the purpose required...*S*

Thanks for writing!



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