Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bessent Phoenix video deemed hoax...ya think?

Bessent previously foisted bird videos as UFOs...

TV station KTVK in Phoenix, working with Village Labs, and even the venerable Santiago Yturria of Brazil, have pretty thoroughly debunked the Bessent video clip.

While I was fairly certain that the clip was created using analog trickery, the clip now appears to be a video manipulation...overlaying the anomalous footage over a mundane night scene.

Funny thing...if Bessent HAD used an analog method, or in other words, an "in-camera" technique, his clips might still fool some.

If you want to hoax a UFO video or image, remember the old acronym KISS...Keep it Simple Stupid!!

hey i was enuf of a sucker to order his DVD last year (it might be useful as a coaster). Theres stuff on there thats so fake its not even funny, so it comes as no surprise to me that his new tape is just as phony.
Hey Dante,

Bessent has a clip on Rense from a few years ago that is an obvious light flare reflection, as well.

He's apparently been at this game as long as Arturo Robles Gil.

They are generally hoist by their own petard in the end, anyway.

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