Friday, June 24, 2005

Mostly invisible "critters" responsible for UFOs?

Trevor James Constable thinks so...(click Title to read more)

The idea that enormous, or even small, rarely visible creatures inhabit the skies is a fanciful one. Such "critters" (Constable's term) would certainly assist the explanation of a number of observed phenomena.

The "mosaic" of belief systems required to support the theory reads like a wiki of fringe ideologies. As ever, though, this alone doesn't mean it is invalid.

I remember seeing many years a copy of Playboy magazine "borrowed" from my father's secret stash(more on that later) article about possible life forms on other planets. For the gas giants, there was an illustration of a strange balloon-like creature that subsisted on hydrocarbon gases which are abundant in such climes.

The thing looked like a football, but with one point pushed back inside the rest, forming a "mouth" of sorts. The conjecture was that the "critter" floated through the clouds, maw a-gape, collecting dinner in much the same manner as baleen whales. (odd...balloon...baleen ).

I remember this image more than any of the others because it was so different from observed life here, and because it seemed to make so much sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

So, perhaps if this conjecture contains even a nugget of truth, Constable is onto something. If barely structured "jellyfish-like" critters are floating about, this might explain the transient UFO episode, as conditions occasionally conspire to allow us to see all manner of things we don't normally see. Eclipses...harbingers of doom, war and worse for millenia, tornados, lightning, etc.

I'm not very confident in this proposal, as I generally believe that most theories that depend upon several unrelated but similarly suspect disciplines for support, are bogus.

It did remind me of the picture in that article in Playboy, though. A lot.

Note...As a lad, I was neither above the occasional "borrowing" of Dad's Playboy magazines, nor was I above feeling guilty about it. As a result, I paid penance for the purloined Playboys by actually reading every article. My dad had about 10 years of issues stored. Needless to say, my mind got as much of a workout as any other organ...ahem. It was once a great magazine...besides the boobies.


heres somw of his photos:
Thanks Dante -

I must admit to being a little underwhelmed by Constable's explanation of what he has photographed.

Perhaps with refinement of the technique, he can get some more conclusive data. I find a better case for heat-signature contamination due to debris on the filter surface, or perhaps fingerprints in a couple of the shots.

Nonetheless, I await more evidence before drawing any firm conclusion.

Thanks for the comment and the link.
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