Thursday, June 30, 2005

NASA's great balls of fire

Can it be that ages-old NASA mission videos show UFOs?

A noted abductee/researcher has posited that a DVD, available on a number of web sites..."The Secret NASA Transmissions", reveals objects that are "the same ones" seen in the recent "ufo fleet" video clips. Guess we need to review this DVD and see if we agree.

To start, the fleet video objects have not been identified...but theorized as light reflections, balloons, and birds. As has been mentioned here previously, the bird theory doesn't explain all of the fleet video, nor does balloons. Light reflections account for some but not all, as well. Therefore, not even the fleet videos themselves represent "the same things". Oh, they could also be fleets of round fireballs, manned by presumably heat-resistant EBEs, which exhibit different patterns of group movement... depending on mood, perhaps. But none of them have stopped to say hi, so we cannot accept that theory either without more evidence. But we do know that birds, balloons, and light reflections CAN AND DO explain many UFO photos and clips. The evidence weighs strongly for these explanations, unless and until evidence to the contrary comes forth.

Since the fleet videos theoretically do not represent a single phenomenon, but a number of different causes, it is difficult to understand how the NASA Transmissions could be "the same thing". Balloons wouldn't last very long in space, nor would birds.

There is one thing that can cause fleets here that can also cause fleets there...light reflections.

As with "orbs", the flares of dust and other particles in flash photography, light reflections are routinely mistaken for UFOs or spiritual phenomena down here on earth. Likewise, ice particles, dust, and space debris also flare when lit by the sun, and create odd photographic effects in space. These effects are possible regardless of atmosphere or gravity.

Another effect visible on earth AND in space is lens flare. When light enters a camera, it must first pass through a lens or a series of them. Sometimes...due to fog on the lens, or debris, or a particular sun angle...light gets bent on the way in, and reflects off the interior surfaces of the camera, or lens elements, and this light reflects back to the inside of the lens, and the camera sensor or film records these reflections as flares. They are often easy to spot because they regularly appear in the very shape of the camera aperture. They can be round, octagonal, pentagonal, diamond-shaped, etc...depending on the arrangement of the iris diaphragm of the camera. Lens flare is so common in photography, that Adobe's Photoshop image editing tool includes a filter for ADDING lens flare to images. This is because it can highlight an area but can also make an image look more "photo-realistic". Obviously then, lens flare is very common.

The "tether experiment" footage purports to show a UFO passing behind the tether. If you accept that the "object" is a huge UFO, then you may be right. If you note however, that the shape of the object is in agreement with a high number of other objects...down to the orientation of the "notch", we can assume that these objects are enhanced optically...they are much smaller than they appear. But then why do they all have that strange "notch"? Why do they always appear on-edge views or elliptical aspects? Because they are actually very small particles, floating very close to the camera and out-of-focus, flaring in the sunlight. The effect can be created with a camera with flash, a tripod and a little kicked-up dust. I have re-created orb photos myself, including the "motion-blurred" variety that always elicit ooohs and ahhhs. These effects are well-know and well-understood, so without any additional evidence there is no better explanation unless you are simply "wanting to believe". Note that a tiny "flared" particle would appear to go behind the tether, since the tether is larger and reflects more light and would drown out the "flare" on the particle, appearing to dim as it passes behind the tether, when the particle is actually being eclipsed by the tether as the particle passes in front of the tether...perhaps mere inches away from the camera lens..

Well, there is no additional evidence that these things are anything but what they most appear to be....just like the UFO fleet videos. Lots of talk but no evidence that they are NOT reflections and misidentified mundane phenomena.

Of course, there is one additional point on the fleet videos from earth. In order for them to be light reflections, the photographer would have to know that the objects are not up in the sky. This means that the fleet videos must be intentional hoaxes. As we have all discovered, Arturo Robles Gil, the prolific producer of fleet videos, is a professional photographer and has perpetrated hoaxed UFO photographs before. These facts make the evidence for fleet fraud beyond compelling. Indeed, they provide sufficient evidence to discredit the fleet videos out of hand, if history is any teacher at all.

NASA on the other hand, got the videos unintentionally...a by-product of hundreds of hours in space, photographing any and everything. Only when cherry-picking these piles of film does one come up with something unusual enough to be foisted as a "UFO". Just like the fleet videos.

In short, the Secret NASA Transmissions is an unsupportable fiction masquerading as truth. Any serious researcher who asserts its importance is simply revealing a biased, "I want to believe" acceptance....and not a scientific opinion. It is very much along the lines of the "We never went to the moon" videos.

Of course, I could be wrong. There IS one additional explanation for the NASA UFOs...notched-donut-flying aliens flitting about with the same side facing the camera all the time. Uh-huh.


As usual, intelligent thinking about the fleet videos, the NASA images, and camera anomalies that are presented as UFOs rather than artifacts inherent to the photographic process.

This is what ufology needs more of:
critical thinking, with the door not closed on some possibilities that are not mundane.

Cogent, succinct, and completely understandable: well done.

Rich Reynolds
Thanks Rich -

It was serendipitous that Your Roswell piece, Paul's "3rd way" piece, and this one come in such quick succession.

The winds of change are a-blowing, methinks.
Kyle & Rich:

"Winds of change?"

One can only hope.


P.S. Kyle - welcome to
Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.
If they are reflections, why they move only in rectilinear way? and why the seem to be pulsating? I can't see curves in movement. The theter incident is quite weird but what about the others? Ice? I agree with you that some of the images are pure reflections but others are just weird, round shaped, with light and own movement.
Hi, there are objects seen in space that astronauts can't explain which are on The Secret Nasa Transmissions so how can me or you? Light reflecting off ice and dust are funny explainations for some of the footage on the DVD. On one bit of footage a big round object comes in the picture from space heading torwards earth which travels a good distance, ending up traveling the opposite direction from where it came into the picture only to meet up with 2 other similiar objects and if this was ice or dust with light reflecting off them then I would be surprised that astronaut Story Musgrave wouldn't be able to identify them and he even says that the footage was a good piece of ufo footage in an interview! There is other similiar interviews with astronauts and cosmonauts who have seen ufos in space. As for the fleets, there are loads of footage showing many objects that move together at the same speed in the same direction in a certain pattern. These objects have been seen more in Mexico than anywhere and there is footage of ufos near planes. So when you see interviews with air traffic controllers and people who work on radar saying that they get these fleets of 50 to hundreds of objects on there radar screens you know that there are real objects being seen. Are these balloons? I would like to see a sceptic get a hundred balloons and somehow make these move through the sky at the same speed and level in a certain pattern without breaking the pattern or reacting to the wind. If you watch the footage of fleets properly I don't see how anyone could seriously think that the objects being seen are balloons. There are ufos that can't be explained by simple or even coincidental explanations and if you haven't come to this conclusion you aren't looking with your eyes open enough! All the best
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