Monday, June 20, 2005

New Scientist Breaking News - Could John Titor have been telling the truth?

New Scientist Breaking News - Taking a trip down memory-chip lane

This article in New Scientist ostensibly recounts how old PC tech is in vogue, for historic and nostalgic reasons. Included in the article is an interesting note however..."And within growing collections of original computers and home-made replicas, and the anecdote-filled web pages and blogs devoted to them, lies the equipment and expertise that will one day help unlock our past by reading countless computer files stored in outmoded formats."

This caught my eye because John Titor, the supposed time traveler, said his mission to our time, or more specifically a couple of decades ago, was to retrieve a computer which allowed access to "outmoded file formats", which no longer existed in his future time..

While John Titor was evidently a hoaxer, perhaps he was a little smarter than we thought.

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