Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nick Redfern: Roswell - Case Closed??

UFO researcher Nick Redfern has a new book out soon that provides a new twist on the Roswell crash.

His thesis...in a nutshell...is that the crash was that of a secret craft originally developed in Japan, consisting of a large balloon array with a gliding aircraft attached beneath, which was originally supposed to deliver a crew of Japanese soldiers to American soil. Upon reaching land, the craft would be released, and the crew were to glide to earth, where they might release bio-toxins or other nasty ordnance.

After the war ended, this technology was snatched up, as in Operation Paperclip with the Nazis, and modified and tested in the New Mexico desert. Per the story, the test went awry, with the upper cowl of the glider coming off, and one crewmember being sucked out of the craft. The cowling and the crewman fell to earth in one location, while the remaining crew and the bulk of the craft and array fell in another place. This supposedly explains the stories of multiple crash sites, discrepancies in the number of "alien" bodies found, and the nature of the debris collected.

Where it gets really interesting is that the government then allowed the UFO craft myth to prosper, in order to hide the fact that human lives were lost in a secret experiment using captured Japanese war technology.

An excerpted portion of the book is available here (Acrobat PDF format).

Sounds like a good read, but the community is sure to have a field day...on both sides of the fence.


Welcome to the UFO blogosphere!

As for Nick's book, I notice that the comments are already spewing forth hot and heavy over at Updates from people who haven't even read it!

Perhaps we should all take a deep breath, pause, read the book, and then see what happens. Nick may be right - he may be wrong. I know I won't offer a comment on which way I lean until I read what he's written in detail.

I should be getting my copy in a couple of days. Nick is sending me one.

After I read it, he and I are going to "do lunch" and talk about it.

From the interview however, Nick's view is just as plausible as any, maybe more than some.
Thanks Paul and Terry for the comments.

I anxiously await a copy of the book as well.

I can't get away from the old X-files storyline of the feds hiding atrocities behind the UFO cover story.

It was very compelling fiction. Would make for VERY chilling reality.

That the government has used UFOs for disinformation purposes is beyond a doubt - this is, I am convinced, what happened with both MJ-12 and Wilbert Smith.

Paul -

I would certainly agree with your comments on MJ-12, with which I'm a little familiar, and with the Smith story, with which I'm only familiar due to your research.

Governments lie. They have to keep secrets, and when nosy folk get too close, I think everyone would agree that lying is better than tipping an important "hand".

Fortunately, these two cases...and even adding in Roswell...do little to explain the myriad oddities seen in the skies. Even when the obvious hoaxsters are eliminated there's still plenty of grist for the mill, so to speak.

Only by diligently searching for the TRUTH, in old cases and new, whether man-made or ET, will we ever isolate the real phenomena...and then the real science can begin.
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