Saturday, June 18, 2005

"Profit" Yahweh (Slightly off-topic)

Man summons messiah or gasbag?

What he said -
Prophet Yahweh claims to be able to summon UFOs at will. He claimed that he would summon them for a 45-day period near Las Vegas, and that at least one would remain visible over Las Vegas for an extended period of time.

What we know -
We know that many of his supposed UFO video clips are of released balloons...due to the rotation of the balloons in some of the less-obfuscatory clips. We know that his Las Vegas UFO meetup was cancelled. We know he collected money(He says he'll pay it all back).

What should happen -
He should return to the comfy confines of the damp, rock underside from whence he came.
People should see video clips of balloons as video clips of balloons.
People should question the validity of ANYONE who claims that they can summon UFOs at will.
People should accept such claims if and only if the summoned UFO descends to terra firma, pops open, and reveals a spaceman of suitably non-human aspect, bearing a cure for cancer, war, and the Bush administration in one hand, and a self-sustaining, self-replicating, 100% efficient power source in the other. Even then, look for extension cords or other attached strings.

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