Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Redfern's 731xRoswell story - Old News?

An archived post to the old UFO Updates BBS may have seen the future

A post to UFO Updates, which was an archived copy of an older post from 1995, makes the connection between Unit 731 (as reported in an episode of Dateline in '95) and the Roswell case (as depicted in a movie of the same name and era).

Sue K. sent the copy of her 1995 post, and (having reading the excerpt from Redfern's book), this 1995 post seems positively prescient.

While this takes nothing away from the exhaustive work Redfern reveals in his book, the greater point is that the 731/Roswell "story" has been out there since...well...since at least 1995.

There is a moral to this story, but until I have read Redfern's book in toto I will refrain from stating an opinion on what that moral might be.

At the very least, Sue K. had her finger on a profound pulse that day in 1995. And a modicum of intellectual courage.

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