Saturday, June 18, 2005

Unsolved History special on Discovery Channel

Unsolved History solves Roswell, Mantell, and Arnold cases?

The Discovery Channel presented an episode delving into the Roswell, Mantell, and Arnold UFO cases. A skeptical bent and some flawed experiments marred the proceedings, but some pretty thorough data on the cases provided a decent primer on the cases for those unfamiliar with them.

I was disappointed with the experimental results on the Roswell and Mantell cases, and was about to dismiss the Arnold segment when they experienced (during a recreation of the Arnold flight) a phenomenon that might explain Arnold's sighting. Their pilot (flying an identical plane at the same time of year on the same flight path and sun angle vis a vis the time of day) encountered a very bright oval light source off the nose of the plane. The onboard cameraman recorded it. It was a reflection of the bright sun (left of the nose of the plane) off something in the cockpit onto the inside of the windscreen. It was persistent but slowly moving...similar to the movement described by Arnold.

That these researchers would find...serendipitously...what I'm trying to illustrate made me feel somewhat validated. Proof? Not even close, but very compelling from my perspective. And I feel a little less convinced of the Arnold story as ET craft. But on the whole I have to say I was disappointed by the Unsolved History program.

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