Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Aliens among us?

Art imitates...well not life here on earth, anyway!
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Chapter 9 Photography artist Jerome Abramovitch shows what happens when you inject saline into your forehead...and cheeks...and, well, just go and look. :)

The curious thing is that when he's all puffed up, he does look a little asian, which is how some alien bodies have been described.

Could post-crash internal bleeding and swelling create the visage of the "UFO crash victim"?

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This sort of reminds me of the military testing described in Redfern's "Body Snatchers in the Desert." Perfectly hideous. If there were some functional purpose to it I might reconsider...
Mac -

If Redfern is correct, and a crewman was inadvertently ejected at altitude from a pressurized cabin, I would think that rapid decompression might create voids in the tissues. If these filled with liquid or blood, it might leave quite an odd corpse, indeed.

As for the functional purpose, Abramovitch himself described the stunt as "insane". Apt.
The ole marshmallow in the vacuum chamber never was able to return to its original shape and consistancy after the test...
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