Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Bigfoot" DNA to be tested...[UPDATED!]

A reported Sasquatch left behind prints...and hair!
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A couple of Bigfoot sightings in Teslin, Yukon have yielded footprints and hair samples, the latter being sent for DNA analysis.

Coming behind Lloyd Pye's Star Child Skull scientific analyses, and more recently the "Hair of the Alien" case from Australia and the DNA testing done there, this case may be just another nudge for other fields...like Ufology...to adopt a more "clinical" or "scientific" approach.

Note that in each of these cases, legitimacy and newsworthiness began when real science entered the picture. Regardless of outcome, the courage to seek such analyses reveals an intellectual honesty that is refreshing...and much needed in Ufology.

Being wrong is not a negative in any science. Being convinced you're right without any science, is.

Hooray for Bigfoot, or the bison, or whatever it turns out to be. And hooray for science!

UPDATE - The DNA tests are in, and the results are stunning! The tests indicated that the hair was definitely from a large hairy mammal...commonly referred to as a...bison. That's a buffalo for the numismatists out there. Science marches on!!

(Via Yahoo News)

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