Friday, July 29, 2005

Extremely rare photo...

Uneventful day of cloud-chasing?
(Click image to enlarge)

"Besides Venus, the swamp gas and that sun dog, it was a pretty boring flight..." :)


"Hey! Did you see that?!"..."Nope!". :)

(Image via NOAA...and my twisted imagination...and Photoshop)

Hey Michael Horn has submitted that photo to 3 photo experts with 2 brain cells between them, who have proved beyond all doubt that Billy Meier was taking a nap when that photo was taken, so he couldn't have faked it.

Besides, Semjase said in contact #2.45 on December 25, 1492, that (and I quote directly from the record):

"there will be a photo taken while you (Billy) are napping, and it will be considered by the hightest levels of the government to be irrefutable proof that you are the bestest contactee ever, and that Ed Walters is a dillweed poseur, and how could anyone with one testicle fake so many photos of tin cans? Semjase has spoked"
Anon -

The Billy Meier story requires a level of "suspension of disbelief" that even Spielberg or Lucas cannot evoke.

But Spielberg, Lucas, or even a USC film school student could do a better job with the props.

Imagine...Spielberg and Lucas team up once more for "Meier Meier...Pans on Wires". ;P

Thanks for writing!!
Where are the requisite black helicopters? ;-)
Mac -

From where do you think the photographer was shooting?? LOL
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