Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Flickr.com FO Gallery

A Flickr search of images tagged with "ufo"...
(Click title to see images)

Flickr is a photo-community site, with scads of tagged images, comments, public slideshows, and a whole lot of cool people.

The title links to a search for images tagged with "ufo". The result is over a thousand shots of FOs...Flying Objects...of the U, I, and everything else variety...*g*

Some cool images, some...not so much. Good practice viewing for the budding researcher or the seasoned pro.

Once you've ooohed and ahhed over the FO shots, search on any tag(s) you like. If you're a shutterbug, sign up for an account. Create a group, private or public. Or just up your snaps and tell your peeps.

My flickr folder is here. It's nice for sharing images with friends and family...quickly and easily.

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