Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Google Maps presents: Google Earth

Google takes Keyhole's EarthViewer and runs with it.
(Click title to visit site and download)

Google's acquisition of Keyhole Software (maker of EarthViewer) brought awesome satellite-photo coverage to Google Maps.

Now, Google is offering Google Earth, a graphical front-end to Google's earth image database. The interface opens with a view of the earth from space, and provides easy tools to zoom into an address, landmark, pizza parlor, just about anywhere.

Once closer to the ground, the image field can be "tilted" to create perspective, and the user can "fly-through" the map. Zoom, tilt and orientation are all adjustable on the fly! Waypoints can be set, and trips can be plotted and replayed in realtime.

The download is free and small. Broadband connection basically mandatory.

This really rocks!! See Earth as the invading ET armies do!

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