Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Interesting FO video...balloon?

Perhaps a new twist on the current crop of balloon tricks? Glitter!!
(Click the title to see the video)

via Brian Vike's fine site

Hi, Kyle:

First, the original footage seems to have been speeded up with the time/date stamp superimposed to make it look like real time. Second, the object is spinning (if you slow down the footage you can see it). Balloons often spin in the air. I don't think it was glitter but it's worth consideration. Looks more like strips of aluminum foil attahed and flapping in the wind.

A. Hebert
Hi Amy -

I hadn't looked at it in that context. But I will.

My allusion to "glitter" was more for the visual effect than what it might actually be, and I agree that it is likely "tinsel" mylar or similar as you suggest.

Definitely need to look again at the timecode thing. Thanks!
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