Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jessica Alba - Smooth Infatuator?

Mac Tonnies confesses...pines for "JessiMac"..."Macsica"?
(Click title to read more...scroll to July 10)

Author and UFO guy Mac Tonnies confesses an infatuation with nubile Jessica Alba. You gotta admit, that Mac's got excellent taste in unattainable sci-fi babes. Thanks Mac, and congratulations on going public. If it helps even one...*S*

Mac waxes far further afield as well. After slobbering over Jessica's "smooth"-ness, read his other posts.

A couple of short story treatments that look pretty cool, too. Bookmark it, or del.icio.us it today.

"JessiMac" makes it sound like I want to fuse with her a la Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly"!
Sorry Mac - No Brundlefly reference intended. *LOL*

But a comparison to Bennifer might be a bit much, too.

Then again, merging molecules with Jessica might be encompass quite a worthy "functional purpose"...as if you needed one. *LOL*
No offense taken. I actually remind myself of Seth Brundle quite a bit.
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