Friday, July 29, 2005

M-M-M- Mai...Treya!!

Is this the Messiah/5th Buddha/Imam Mahdi/Christ returned to earth?
(Click title to visit site...if you must *S*)

Maitreya may be the second coming and all that, but this phrease from the website raised the hackles a bit...

"Under Maitreya's inspiration, humanity itself will make the required changes and create a saner and more just world for all."

Forgive me, but anytime someone claims to be working for the good of mankind, and begins a statement with the words "Under (Maitreya)'s inspiration", my "Scooby Sense(tm)" flares up BIG TIME! "With" or "By" or "Through", maybe...but not "Under".

I think-a we need-a to place-a Maitreya in the "upright and locked" position-a. :)

[via Coast to Coast AM web site]

You know I don't think I have ever seen a pic of him before. Thanks for posting that. He creeps me out, not so much the way he looks, but the way he is - if you know what I mean.
Lesley -

I'm right there with you.

"Creeps me out" is a very good phrase for the feeling I get when reading about his "message", as well.

Thanks for writing!
Where can I get his turbin? I must have that. ;) He looks pretty evil to me.
mlwhitt - *LOL*
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