Thursday, July 14, 2005

More "alien technology" released by the Russians??!!

Artemy Lebedev has invented the coolest innovation in keyboards since...well since those 6-fingered control panels from Roswell.
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The keyboard is fully programmable, and each key has its own "OLED" display. For games, applications, etc, the keyboard layout can be custom-mapped for the game or application functions.

This is just a completely fabulous idea for any gamer, Photoshop fiend, or people who have multilingual users. Yes, the keyboard can reflect different languages, too.

The best use of OLED tech thus far, IMO.

But where did the idea actually originate? Some quiet lab in Russia, or the desert of New Mexico? :)

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Wow. That *is* cool!
Mac -

I know I want one. Photoshop keyboard shortcuts mapped to keys with the icon graphic right on top?

This has been something I've wanted for several years. Someone (Radio Shack?) had, or may still have, a remote control whose face was an LCD which would display different buttons depending on which device it was set to control at the moment, but one problem with that is that you always have to look at the keys before you press them, since you can't feel where each key is physically located on such a flat surface. The obvious solution is shown in the picture--mechanical keys with a flat-panel display for each key. OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) made this more doable. I'd been wondering for some time why no company had come out with this, at least in a consumer form, and then an article appeared either at the end of 2004 or early 2005, announcing that Microsoft was trying to develop a universal remote, but couldn't figure out the buttons situation, so I sent an email to Microsoft in January 2005:

"This is a suggestion for a product Microsoft is currently working on, according to an article I just read interviewing Bill Gates. He says Microsoft is working on a universal remote control, partly for Microsoft's Media Center, but the problem has been the limited set of buttons you can fit onto even advanced remote controls, making them too inflexible for use with dozens of different kinds of devices. An idea I had some time ago, would be for every button on the remote to be an individual liquid crystal display, so that each button's function could be programmed to be labeled differently depending on what it was meant to control at a given moment. There have been remotes whose entire face was one large LCD display, but they haven't been popular, possibly because people need to be able to feel a real button under their fingers. It should be possible to make buttons to meet this need, but whose top surface consists of a miniature LCD display.

You can have that idea free!"

Obviously I'm not the only one who had that idea. Interesting that someone beat Microsoft to it. Now all they have to do is to fit it onto a remote.
john -

I used to sell(retail electronics store) a remote control system that used an LCD screen with multiple "touch-screen" button configurations for multiple controlled devices. It was "tres chic" and very expensive.

Let's hope that this one is accessible to those with great need but little means.

If not, we'll have to wait a while...*S*

Thanks for writing, and remember that if you have dated drawings or records of your idea, you may have grounds for a suit...or a cut of the profits! *LOL*

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