Friday, July 22, 2005

Organizations with a NEO/NETological bent

Existing civilian/amateur groups pose cross-collaboration potentials? - Peter Davenport's excellent data collection site. Peter inspired my NEO/NETology proposal via his own inspired piece on civilian passive radar. (PDF document) - Mentioned in my last post...a group that monitors and catalogs orbiting craft. - A collective and catalog of amateur science projects. The FAQ is very interesting and amusing. Don't be put off by the site design...there is good work here. Flight Tracker - A great resource for tracking scheduled airflights. Provides real-time zoomable flight maps. (Free registration required) - A project to enhance the capabilities of UAVs, soon to be common in civil airspace. - All kinds of radio-related projects. - An amateur "SETI" using 4Ghz radio telescopes to monitor space for signals. A MULTI-NODE project, as well! (This is an organization that could help bridge the wide gap between Ufology and SETI). Also, one of the founding members, Bob Lash, has a site. - Resources for all sorts of radio/radar projects...HOME-BUILT! Check out this page on amateur radar using cheap electronics and surplus gear. - Maurice Gavin's page on amateur spectroscopy. Includes HOW-TO for building spectroscopy gear. (Page is a few years old...but even more doable as a result of even lower cost electronics coupled with the goal of identifying and cataloging potential threats.) - Their ARIA project enlists amateur radio hobbyists to monitor Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). It is a report from 2003, but the goals are convergent with NEO/NETology.

I'll post more as I find them. But the evidence is clear that NEO/NETology could already be a reality, if far-flung groups such as these were gathered under a single banner, and with the intent to "detect, collect, and protect". Stay tuned...

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