Friday, July 22, 2005

Potential synergies for NEO/NET-ology?

Elements of NEOlogy already exist...without govt./military interference!
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Thanks to correspondent James Smith for finding a group...SeeSat...which is already doing work very similar to what I have proposed. With minor changes (chiefly removing the "filters" that allow a focus on satellite orbits), such an endeavor dovetails nicely into the NEOlogical framework.

SeeSat is part of, which also promotes
telescopic photography!

James also provided a link to an example of a SeeSat report.

Perhaps a collaboration could be crafted whereby their "filtered" data is passed along rather than just noted and forgotten.

I have also begun looking at the "grant" landscape to see what NOAA or the NSF might provide. I'll also be on the lookout for other groups like SatObs and SeeSat, for more potential synergies.

But this find by James is at least proof that civilians can create groups to monitor even potentially secret craft, without being "squashed". Thanks James!

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