Monday, July 18, 2005

Smiths go to the theater...

For Smiths...and, a stage show immortalizes the bands' angst.
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"Some Girls are Bigger than Others", a new show currently running "off-off the West End" in London, reinvigorates the Smiths' songs by dropping the rock ambience in favor of strings and electronics.

Plays for another week...hurry! :)

I missed my chance to see, the sold-out show, and heaven knows I'm miserable now.

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It's fascinating to see The Smiths become this postmodern phenomenon (i.e., Copeland's "Girlfriend in a Coma" and that other novel about Reuniting The Smiths -- "How Soon Is Never?")

"And the pain was enough to make a shy bald Buddhist reflect and plan a mass murder."
Mac -

I was never the big Smiths fan. My pal Penny (a mortician, natch) was the Smiths fan.

But Morissey had his finger on the fading pulse of a depression-riddled sub-culture, cementing his place in "post-modern" nostalgia. Or something like that. :)

I liked Cocteau Twins..."Pearly Dewdrops Drop" and "Sugar Hiccup" still work well as background for late-night web-coding sessions...along with "French Market Coffee and Chickory", of course.
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