Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Suitcase nukes smuggled into US via Mexico?

Perhaps the "UFO flotilla" videos are meant to keep folks eyes to the sky?

World Net Daily...that bastion of "accurate" journalism, ups the "fear factor" with this tale of Al Qaeda using our porous border down south as a portal for moving nukes into the US, as plans move toward an "American Hiroshima".

The article applies a little jab at Dubya for not "locking down" the border with Mexico. Like we have enough soldiers left for that...

---Begin provocative satire---
Well, as we all know that Mexico just loves terrorists, and would love to see the US nuked (since fallout recognizes borders...and crumbling our economy would really help Mexico), perhaps the authorities should look into those promoting the UFO fleet videos. After all, what better way to sneak across the border with a MIRV or two, than by keeping everyone looking up?
---End provocative satire---

Methinks this article is best read from within the confines of a large salt mine. But do keep an eye on those UFO fleet guys...*S*

(via CoasttoCoastAM.com)

Eeeek! Do I qualify as having 'promoted' the video?

Oh my! Will I go to Gitmo? :P
aion -

Your secret is safe with me.

I wont tell a soul. :)
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