Tuesday, July 19, 2005

UFO claims inflated?

Balloon manufacturer creates inflatable "decoys".
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Aerostar International makes balloons, parachutes, blimps, etc., for the military among others.

The image to the left is an example, believe it or not.

Aerostar is a subsidiary of Raven Industries, who originally supplied sounding balloons to the Navy back in the 60s.

With all the recent talk about balloons being mistaken for UFOs (going back perhaps as far as Roswell even), knowing that things like this are possible make it clear that a "balloon" is not necessarily...a "balloon". The firm also creates "decoys" of tanks and missile launchers besides helium balloons of every shape and description.

Are these the same guys behind Viagra?
Mac -

Perhaps...you should see AeroStar's "Scud" replica. I'm sure their employees are "laughing easy and living large".

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