Thursday, July 07, 2005

UFO Fleet Analysis

UFO "fleets"...ET craft or balloons?

I have uploaded a brief analysis of the latest UFO fleet video clips on the site, presented by Santiago Yturria. Access it by clicking the title of this post.

Two single frames are compared to show that the "formation" is very loose, and indicative of wind-blown lightweight objects rather than intelligently-controlled craft.

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Nice analysis.

My question is why would someone go to the trouble of putting together a raft of mylar balloons to fool the media, public, and ufologists?

There's no remuneration of any kind in the endeavor.

Have you tried your technique with any of the other "fleet" videos?

Rich Reynolds

Thanks. The question of motive goes back as far as the first hoax of any kind.

Perhaps avenging a perceived slight, or ego, or just to see if it can be gotten away with.

Arturo Robles Gil has created hoaxes, and all he got was TV airtime, a little money off a DVD, and invitations to a bunch of UFO conventions.

Is it worth it? I dunno. You'd have to ask him.

This set of clips was not like the Robles Gil fleet videos. This one definitely shouts balloons.

Robles Gil's clips show objects that do remain very much in formation, and move with a regularity that belies atmospheric conditions.

I believe that his video clips are a mixture of reflected lights (a technique he has used before), and or balloons (as with the yellow "dragon" clip), and perhaps birds, as posited by Amy Hebert.

What I feel confident about in regard to Arturo Robles Gil is that none of his video clips or images reveal anything of an extraterrestrial nature.

The clips in this post are different, and that difference is important because folks like Velez keep saying they're all the same thing...when they clearly are not.

My Phase 2 clips will be posted this weekend, ans the difference between them and these clips will be very obvious.

I hope that eventually people can view a supposed UFO clip, and then come to my site and compare them with known "non-ET" video effects. This way, the "strangeness" of these video effects begins to decline, and they will come away with a better ability to view critically any videos or images that are claimed to depict ET craft, etc.

If we can't know what these things ARE, at least we can educate ourselves on what they are NOT.

It's as much a learning process for me as for anyone else. And fascinating.

Best Regards,

Hi Kyle-

The "big disc" that is claimed to be the "leader" also looks suspiciously like a cluster of balloons.


Dante -

I fully agree that the "mother ship" is a little cluster that got knotted up.

I'm still battling with thether this was an accidental release, or a coordinated effort like Prophet Yahweh's antics.

I have seen no word that it was found to be a confirmed balloon release, and yet the number of balloons is in itself indicative of a big event, and not a weekend prank.

My best guess at this point is that it along the Prophet Yahweh idea, with a confederate some distance away (upwind), releasing at the proper time and so that the sun fully illuminates the balloons, blooming them into UFO status...*S*

What would be golden would be another group nearby, but unrelated, getting the balloon cloud on video from a different angle, so that we could actually know distance, speed, and size.

That should have happened already.

Thanks for writing!

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