Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ufological metaphor?

A Flash animation is worth a thousand words...
(Click title to view animation)

(via Coast2CoastAM)

I don't get it.

Mac -


Paul -

Let's see...several came to mind...

...The closed box of Ufology resists the attempts of others to "do something" about it...

...Some of us "push Ufological buttons", and Ufology often reflexively raises its rusty decaying hand and closes its "door"...

...The more "doors" Ufology opens, the more "shut off" it becomes...

Something along those lines. A few more popped up as well, but these things come better in threes, IMO. :)

I think the device could apply to many things...marriage, politics, even religion.

And I really like old automatons and clockwork toys. Like a woodworker's "smoke engine", they are the "olden days" equivalent of the Windows dialog box that moves when you try to close it.
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