Sunday, August 07, 2005

ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dead at 67.

Lung cancer diagnosed 4 months ago...
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Peter Jennings was a fixture in my life since the age of 14, when I followed his profile on Anwar Sadat. He was always the dashing "foreign correspondent" of my youth.

The "triple anchor" format was tried in 1978 (the year I graduated high school), and I liked the combination of Frank Reynolds (the hard-boiled "New York" reporter from the Gemini and Apollo days), Max Robinson (a smooth "urban contemporary" Chicago-based anchor), and cool as heck Peter Jennings in London. It didn't last (ironically Frank Reynolds succombed to cancer himself), and Jennings became the solo anchor (for the second time actually).

His recent investigative piece on UFOs provided grist for many a heated debate in the Ufological community, but no one could fault him for at least giving the field some airtime, and without overt ridicule.

In the end Peter Jennings, a Canadian high-school drop-out, proved that one can achieve much with curiosity, perseverence, and a little luck. Unfortunately, his luck ran out before the rest.

Godspeed, Peter Jennings. Back to you, Max.

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