Friday, August 12, 2005

Alien control panels...available now!

A fascinating gallery of alternative keyboard designs.

(Click image for enlargement or title to visit site)

Tim Griffins has amassed a gallery of alternative keyboard designs. Most are actual available products.

This one is the
Ergologic FlexPro.

There are some whacky keyboard designers out hmmm. :)


I have to say it, I hate ergonomic keyboards. Call me politically incorrect, but hey. Give me your basic classical flat QWERTY any time and carpal tunnel syndrome be damned!
w.m. bear -

I use one of those Microsoft Elites, with the semi-curved key layout and the extra-wide palm-rest. It works great for me.

As a guy who spends at least 14 hours a day at the PC, and a lot of it writing or typing, it works fine for me. I've been at this PC work for almost 15 years, and I've never had a problem with the carpal tunnels...I think it's because I use every key in coding (rarely the same sequence twice), and most carpal tunnel sufferers type the same combinations legal secretaries and accounting types.

I tried a Dvorak system for a while,
but I guess I'm just too old a dog for that new trick. :)
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