Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Atomic attack films to be broadcast...

Film of the devastation wrought by the blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki...long held as classified...will be aired in part during a broadcast on the Sundance Channel on Aug. 6, 2005.
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These films, depicting the human effects up close, as well as the levelling of miles of cityscape, were kept hidden from public scrutiny because it was felt that the horror would turn Americans away from the bomb.

In other words, the government instituted a coverup of its atrocities involving not only the bombing, but the terrible after-effects due to fallout and radiation sickness.

So, the government hid its worst secrets from the people and as a result began the largest nuclear arms buildup in the history of mankind...which stands to this day.

This story may shed a little light on the Nick Redfern treatment of the Roswell incident.

At the very least, this inexcusable episode shows that our leaders were duplicitous and dubiously secretive in 1945, just as they are accused of being less than 2 years later in the desert of New Mexico.

Please watch this program, and remember that the bombs dropped in 1945...and the damage they created...are 1/100th the strength of our present day nuclear weapons.

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