Friday, August 12, 2005

B-2: One more time...

Stealth bomber with escort...a large "flying triangle"??

Imagine it's night and these craft are flying in formation some distance away, each crafts various lights coalescing into 3 individual "glowing lights" in the distance.

Could THIS cause a triangle sighting?

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Hi,It me Tom
I just find this:
have a look Kyleking :-)
hi tom -

A really cool set of photos. The Stealth craft everyone knows about are pretty incredible. It boggles my mind to ponder what we DON'T know about.

The U-2 was up for quite a while before anyone knew about it, and of course the SR-71 was RETIRED before any of us knew about it.

When I look at the SR-71 and realize it was built in the 60s, it really stokes my imagination as to what came after it.

Thanks for writing!
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