Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Can computer graphics UFO look convincing?

This image is of a "wireframe" model of a 3D mirrored ball. Could it fool someone as a UFO?
(Click title to view video clip)

It appears to have been produced in a modeling program like Maya or 3D Studio. But when the model is placed into a video clip, the model reflects the video background...environment mapping it is called.

This video should serve to remind us all that a little trickery can be very convincing indeed.

[Thanks tom via forums]

Hi, i've got a pretty good eye for special effects, and i think i would have spotted thats a fake, fairly quickly. However saying that, there are some very good ones about, which have fooled me too.

For instance... I've never heard this is 100% a cgi effect, but i suspect it is. The footage is quite realistic looking though.

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