Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Christian Fundamentalism...good?

If you think loonies like Pat Robertson are "lone nutters"...read this post from the Daily Kos.
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It is becoming an indoctrination, and if it is apologized for, we lose the game altogether. Unfortunately, in America it only takes one or two loonies...and an acquiescent Congress...to change policy.

The Christians who are embarassed by Robertson don't have Pat's VOICE. And how did he get it? The dollars of regular American Christians...thousands of them.

For a Christian to badmouth fundamentalist Islam, and then to issue a "fatwah" on foreign leaders...gee do you smell hypocricy? Well then, why aren't Robertson and the other Fundies castigated in mainstream press? There sure seems to be enough ink to go around about that "activist" mom who was "lucky enough" for her son to die in Iraq..the better to fuel her activism.
How disgusting...

Oh yeah...they "report"...We decide. Riiiiight.

[via The Daily Kos]

vincentt -

What YOU said!!

Thanks for the "good word". :)

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