Saturday, August 20, 2005

Now HERE's a REAL Fascist...

North Koreas Kim Jong Il's propaganda outlet gets databased...searchably!
(Click title to visit site.)

Geoff Davis runs a website that catalogs the KCNA article archives since 1996. He does this as a hobby, while earning a living making graphics for court cases.

The KCNA is the mouthpiece for Kim's uber-secretive regime... Some of the recommended search terms include:

Imperialist Ogre, Political Dwarf, Burning Hatred, Kingpin of Evil, Class Enemies, and Human Scum

When you wanna start calling people who disagree with you "fascist", you might want to rein in ol' Nellie, and think a moment about what a Fascist really is. If you need a hand, dial up Geoff's excellent resource for a reminder. :)

[via Yahoo News]

He is like a mixture of Dr. Evil and Mini Me.
Lesley -

Indeed. I'm not even sure that mop is real... :)
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