Monday, August 08, 2005

Our President.

Last week, Bush again brushed off polls showing his public approval ratings are the lowest of his presidency, saying a politician who made decisions based on polls would be "a miserable leader."
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Reminded that power is perception, Bush scoffed, "Power is being president." [emphasis mine]

Apparently Dubya's brand of power doesn't involve the will of the people or the consent of the governed.

Judging by the attached image, he is very plain about what his unique view on "being number one" means to us all.

Get the message?

Actually, I'd leap at the chance to shower him with my own brand of "number one"...and maybe even a little "number two", too. :)

[via Houston Chronicle]

I've got a GIF movie of that picture of W giving the bird. If real, it's undoubtedly deliberate and reveals a man with the mind of a challenged 11 year-old.
Hi Mac -

Oh, the clip is real. It was an off-camera moment, as he was about to give a speech. His antics in Texas before hitting the world stage are an embarassment.

The fact that it was a moment when he wasn't being "handled"...and THAT'S what he came up with as a clever thing to do...speaks volumes.
Ooops...I said it was an off-camera moment. Obviously it was on-camera, but it wasn't SUPPOSED to be.

I think cameramen in Texas following Bush used to keep the cameras rolling a lot when they weren't supposed to...thank heavens this guy was on the ball. and obviously Bush didn't know what the red light meant... LOL
Good lord! I honestly thought this was a clever FX job! So this was when he wasn't "President," I take it?

(It's hard to believe W-haters haven't seized on this more than they have...)
Mac -

Oh nonono...this was during either a failed Congressional run or when he ran for Governor.

Although Dubya was caught lifting "a finger" to reporters this past week. But there's some debate over just which finger it was, unlike this pristine and irrefutable example.

He's what we called in my high school days...a Ma-ROON! Moron seems so gauche a term for a Governor...or a President. But if the pointy cap fits... :)
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