Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Perhaps we should all be a little MORE reptilian?

Scientists in Australia are investigating crocodile blood as a source of potent antibiotics.
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Crocodiles in the Outback often lose limbs and suffer serious wounds during territorial fighting. Despite the fact that crocodile territory is awash with bacteria and microbes, they rarely suffer infection.

This has led to some serious research into tapping into this "pharmacy" and producing derivatives which are resistant to among other things, HIV.

There's a little irony in finding curative properties in reptile blood. Some might even welcome it as a sign of our "heritage" coming home to roost...or perhaps bask. :)

[via Yahoo News]

Alert David Icke!!!

Barkeep, another round of croc blood! Ah feel GOOD!

BTW, Kyle, your alien pic is much more to my taste than the "nice nellie" one with the faint little smile and dimpled chin on the cover of Whitley Strieber's "Communion." Now here's an alien who freakin' means business. None of this we just want to observe your culture without interfering shit. This alien clearly means business: Get used to it, earthwimps! We're here to BUST YOUR PLANET!
mac -

I've shied away from Icke...to "ick-ey" for me... :)

w.m. bear -

I agree on the "look" of the alien. Communion made them look a little too "passive" or something. This guy definitely looks venomous to me...or at least unpleasant.
Hi Kyle,

In relation to David Icke as reptilians, you might enjoy Jon Ronson's "Them: Adventures With Extremists" (2001). An edited extract (relating to David Icke) from that book is available online at:

You can add me to the list of fans of the alien pic. Where did you find that image?

By the way, over here in the UK there are a few digital artists that participate in ufology, including:

David Sankey- sample image at:


Dan Bright (who used to participate on Updates) - sample images at:

All the best,

Hey Isaac!!

Thanks for writing. That cool reptilian came from...

I'd love to have the image on the back of a big black bowling shirt with red piping, and the caption under that face...Grandma? :)

Thanks again for chiming in...egads, how "Lehmbergian". Although I don't really rate. :)
Isaac -

I'm visiting your references now...I'll followup in email...

Thanks again!
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