Sunday, August 21, 2005 - polite discourse and reasoned debate.

For those who tire of the posting and updating delays at UFO Updates, you might make a stop by the forums.
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Posts are updated in real-time, you can get notification when someone posts to a thread to which you've subscribed, and the forums are nicely segregated by subject matter.

With posters ranging from Paul Kimball to Alfred Lehmberg, there's something for everyone.

The folks play nice, and they'll soon begin holding online chat Q&A sessions with UFO researchers.

Tell Marty I sent you! :)

[via my list of interesting sites)

Thanks Kyle i owe Paul, and now you a nice cold beer.

Martin -

You're on. I'm a Guiness fan. :)
A few of my friends drink Guiness, but i hate it. I like John Smiths if you havee heard of it?
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