Monday, November 28, 2005

Back again...

It has been a month or so since my last entry, save for these two earlier today, and I thought I'd up a sample of what I've been doing.

As my ex-wife/current sig-oth is a belly dancer, she often attends workshops by visiting dancers. As a man with a camera, I feel I should be there to capture whatever seems "capturable".

This is Bozenka, a dancer from northern California. She was a delightful teacher according to Anne, and she was a delight to photograph, according to me. :) I actually photo'd this show a while back, but my most recent shoot...this past Friday...was of a friend and included some rather risque shots that aren't exactly for public consumption. It was a great shoot, though...thanks Shelley! ;)

Anne, Kevin and I will be winging to California on the 1st of December to accomodate some business...and to visit my brother Dane. He is a painter, musician, and sometimes producer in San Pedro. He currently plays old Dead and Stones songs with a band called Plastic Cactus. Sweet!

At any rate, after our return on 4Dec, I'll be back to updating this diary on a regular basis.

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