Saturday, August 20, 2005

Now HERE's a REAL Fascist...

North Koreas Kim Jong Il's propaganda outlet gets databased...searchably!
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Geoff Davis runs a website that catalogs the KCNA article archives since 1996. He does this as a hobby, while earning a living making graphics for court cases.

The KCNA is the mouthpiece for Kim's uber-secretive regime... Some of the recommended search terms include:

Imperialist Ogre, Political Dwarf, Burning Hatred, Kingpin of Evil, Class Enemies, and Human Scum

When you wanna start calling people who disagree with you "fascist", you might want to rein in ol' Nellie, and think a moment about what a Fascist really is. If you need a hand, dial up Geoff's excellent resource for a reminder. :)

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Mystery Photo...Sci-Fi movie set?

Like something from the imagination of Cubby Broccoli, the scene pictured to the left would seem comfortable in a James Bond flick.
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It is however left to you to explain it. Where do you think it came from?

Area 51? Outtakes from Thunderball? Dulce, New Mexico...60 feet down? :)

For those that don't know, and need closure, click the link...

here. :)

There's plenty of stuff our boys are working on that makes sci-fi look so...passe', IMO.

[via YOUR tax dollars at work!!]

Thursday, August 18, 2005

New "rap" on that "MC square" guy

Nova hosts podcasts from top physicists.
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PBS' Nova series commemorates the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's famous equation, by providing podcasts by several renowned physicists.

Einstein's theory of relativity inspired much science fiction, and could help answer questions about ET visitation.

Without Einstein and his famous equation (E=mc^2), we might never have heard those immortal words..."Ahead warp factor 2, Mr. Sulu". :)

[via Nova website)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Perhaps we should all be a little MORE reptilian?

Scientists in Australia are investigating crocodile blood as a source of potent antibiotics.
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Crocodiles in the Outback often lose limbs and suffer serious wounds during territorial fighting. Despite the fact that crocodile territory is awash with bacteria and microbes, they rarely suffer infection.

This has led to some serious research into tapping into this "pharmacy" and producing derivatives which are resistant to among other things, HIV.

There's a little irony in finding curative properties in reptile blood. Some might even welcome it as a sign of our "heritage" coming home to roost...or perhaps bask. :)

[via Yahoo News]

Y...the shape of things to come?

Branched nanotubes offer the promise of transistors 100 times smaller than existing transistors.
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Work underway at UC San Diego and Clemson Univ. have yielded "Y-shaped" nanotubes which possess natural transistor-like properties.

This technology could truly revolutionize the electronics industries.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, burnt carbon appears to be generating the building blocks of a new future.

[via New Scientist]

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