Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Coalition of the...puerile?

So, after building a nice, diverse, thought-provoking blog coalition...a reasoned alternative to the so-called "Collective"...a failure...we are now going to see "improvement" thanks to the likes of Rich Reynolds and Chirstopher "Robin"...uhh I mean JAY...?? Yeah, what's the punch line?? ;)

Coalition...yeah, like as in the famous "Coalition of the Willing"...all 2 of them and whomever they can coerce into a photo-op.

When "Dick" writes, I typically wince because he has stated in public forums that his goal is not solving, illuminating, expanding awareness of, or in any way enhancing the debate over UFOs. Nope, his goal is to raise hackles, to stir the pot, and generally bare his fatuous arguments for all 3 of his adherents to see. And his writing reflects the vacuous goal he has set forth. Never a cogent argument, only dissonant prose dressed as compelling, but at the end of the day garment-less.

Christopher "Robin"...uhh I mean JAY...ok, I'm just gonna call him Pooh from now another beast entirely. Endowed with an ego that far outstrips his testicles or it's own justification, Pooh waxes on and on about how everyone else does nothing, is worth nothing, has nothing to say...all while contributing nothing. Pooh gives his all...NOTHING. Pooh is what he writes...nothing.

The UFO Bog Coalition took a step down when it involved the RRR Group in the first place, and this new episode simply illustrates this in a most salient fashion, indeed.

And just to be accurate, a group which breaks away from another group to form a new group is not a "coalition" anyway. Look it up. What you have created is just another failed "collective" of inanity and zero interest.

Congratulations Dick and are the winners. And it only cost whatever credibility you imagined for yourself before, and any relevancy you might imagine for yourself going forward. Well done. Anyone who had any reasons left to read your garbage now has none. Perhaps the silver lining after all...

Ufology is better off with you guys over in the corner polishing something anyway.

It's what you do best, or at least better than anything you've written..."collective"-ly. :)

Terry, it is a shame, but no matter how nice the neighborhood, there's always a couple of parasites who feel the need to urinate in the pool. I don't blame you for giving up "drinking the water". And Dick and Pooh will simply find another pool in which to relieve themselves. Spoilers, not builders. Some coalition...

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