Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Has the Internet invalidated UFOlogy?

Doug Kern asks about the Emperor's clothes...

With the numerous benefits of the internet...increased knowledge, instant news, digital imagery in real time, and accesss to information...why has the field of UFOlogy failed to find validation?

This article by Douglas Kern raises some very pertinent questions, while refraining from passing judgment on the question of aliens and alien visitation.

I have also wondered why the proliferation of inexpensive film and digital cameras...and the instant availability of their product on the web...hasn't resulted in an explosion of UFO images and videos. So many other activities have been scrutinized in this way...terror bombings, "off-the-record" political statements, etc. ...why should UFOs remain as elusive as ever?

Doug provides some suggestions...very sobering suggestions, which anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon should read with an open mind.

If nothing else, Doug provides any non-UFO believer ample reason to question the validity of the pursuit.

[via Coast to Coast AM ]

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