Monday, November 28, 2005

A study in contrasts

The image on the left was taken in August, 2004. The image on the right was taken yesterday.

Nothing much to say...a picture is worth a thousand words...two pictures?

I will say that the photo on the right looks for all the world like someone being sworn in court. Hmmm...

Back again...

It has been a month or so since my last entry, save for these two earlier today, and I thought I'd up a sample of what I've been doing.

As my ex-wife/current sig-oth is a belly dancer, she often attends workshops by visiting dancers. As a man with a camera, I feel I should be there to capture whatever seems "capturable".

This is Bozenka, a dancer from northern California. She was a delightful teacher according to Anne, and she was a delight to photograph, according to me. :) I actually photo'd this show a while back, but my most recent shoot...this past Friday...was of a friend and included some rather risque shots that aren't exactly for public consumption. It was a great shoot, though...thanks Shelley! ;)

Anne, Kevin and I will be winging to California on the 1st of December to accomodate some business...and to visit my brother Dane. He is a painter, musician, and sometimes producer in San Pedro. He currently plays old Dead and Stones songs with a band called Plastic Cactus. Sweet!

At any rate, after our return on 4Dec, I'll be back to updating this diary on a regular basis.

Paul Hellyer asks for Govt. UFO hearings...

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defense, says UFOs are as common as airplanes...
(Click title to read article)

Hellyer has been described, sliced, diced and minced over at Paul Kimball's blog to a degree which precludes any additional editorial value I might lend, but suffice it to say that this guy appears to be after headlines rather than disclosure.

Or perhaps he is just looking for a little representation for his "space brothers", who have admittedly been rather neglected in official lawmaking...publicly anyway. *wink*

[via Yahoo News]

SCOTUS UFO...Identified!

Bowling ball sized chunk found to be from...Vermont.
(Click title to read article)

In a rather unavoidable illustration of the crumbling facade of Supreme Court authority, the facade of the Supreme Court building crumbled...just where "Authority" is represented...and a bowling ball sized chunk of marble fell to the steps used to enter the building.

While no one was injured, several people were "bowled over" by the irony... :)

[via Yahoo News]

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