Saturday, April 29, 2006

John Harney appeals to "al Qaida"...

Well, Harney wants to write an essay on the "myth" on which UFOlogy is based...

Casting about for comments, Harney attempts to compile some sort of dossier to disprove the validity of UFO research, and presumably to discount ALL UFO sightings as the old swamp gas, venus, balloons, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

While UFOlogy creeps forward, accruing a new compelling case here or there, Harney and his ilk are stuck in the 50s, with no useful new information to dispense, and little more than a romp through debunking history.

If Harney truly believes UFOlogy is a waste of time, what does that say about his wasting blog-space to explain WHY it's a waste of time? What a pathetic purpose, indeed.

Why don't you just pack your toys and go home until you have a new trick? When you've found the smoking gun that explains ALL the questionable cases, I'll be all ears.

Do you honestly have anything NEW to say on the subject? Didn't think so.

At least al Qaida ("the base") can rest easy knowing the pundit is alive...and excreting. :)

I just visited Mr. Harney's "The Broken-watch Fob." blog site... ...A remarkablely tedious effort of tedious tediousness, even for them, and as intellectually inane, pathetically prosaic, and anally assumptive as it is painful to the eye. But, maybe that's just me... [g].
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