Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bubble boy trains for life under the ice on Titan...

Erstwhile "magician" David Blaine marks another spot on his path to being able to live under about ANY conditions. He's spent 30+ hours standing on a tall pole, 44 days living in a dangling cube, had a pickup truck roll over him, and now this...

Plunked down in the middle of New York City, Blaine is attempting to spend a week or so inside a transparent sphere. With air, liquid nourishment (and liquid waste removal) provided via a tube (hopefully not the same tube), Blaine will somehow have to sleep without drowning, or stay awake without going totally insane. Ooops...might be a little late there...

I've followed Blaine since his "street magic" days, and this is at least the "prettiest" of his hijinx. Insert your favorite "snow globe" joke here.

Will this be the official "jumping the shark" for Blaine? Can't help but think so.... ;-)
Ayana -'ll give away his NEXT stunt LOL...hopefully a more artful version that that Fonzi guy managed.

Thanks for writing!
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