Saturday, May 20, 2006

Creative Hallmarks...

Just read the following on UFO Updates and had to post and comment...Victor Golubic is a good researcher who posts fairly regularly on Updates here lately. But recently...
Victor Golubic says -
"One of the hallmarks of creativity is to be able to take in the sum total of something, realize the immediate insanity of it, and not get caught up too unnecessarily in the fine details that rattle around in a Hollow container devoid of any shape or final meaning. "
Realizing the immediate insanity in something, and avoiding getting caught up unnecessarily in the details of said something is a hallmark of creativity? Really? And the fine details are those that rattle around in a "H"ollow (don't know why hollow needs to be capitalized) container devoid of any shape or final meaning?? Does ANY of this have anything to do with creativity?

Oh, and then this...
"However, some like to get caught up in the insanity of something and we call them comedie - though they're just as brilliant. :)
So...if you like to get caught up in the "insanity of something", we call that comedy which can be just as brilliant...but presumably not creative?? Are we contradicting here? Can someone please explain what these words are supposed to mean? Sounds like nonsense to me.

Well, at least Victor isn't aiming to offend...
"I'm not attacking anyone here and value all opinions greatly and we all fully realize our dilemmas."
I'm glad he's not attacking anyone, because I'm pretty sure they would have NO IDEA they were being attacked...LOL But maybe I'm wrong...dunno. And"...we all fully realize our dilemmas..."?? I think that's some kind of code "ever pick yer feet in Poughkeepsie?". Yup...I think so...

I think comedy can be very creative. I think dwelling on the minutiae of a subject and divining the truth therein can be very creative. I think that people who dwell on the big picture to the exclusion of the details are typically not very creative. I think someone creative once said, "the devil's in the details".

IMO, creativity is an ability to forge new thoughts and ideas from the ore of previous thoughts and ideas...and...refine and shape those thoughts and ideas between the hammer of intellect and the anvil of perception. It can be for any or all of the senses, and perhaps none. It can be for any or all people, and perhaps none.

Creativity is pretty cool until people start to apply "hallmarks" to it, and attempt to apply values to it.

I'm curious what Victor meant, as for the life of me I cannot decipher this post at all.

I think he may have been trying to insult someone, but I just really can't tell. HELP!?

[via UFO Updates]

I was confused too... I figured tentatively that it was rage at the machine of reflexive deniability articulated too thoughtfully and with too much concern taken to who took offense?

...Glad I'm not hobbled by that. [g].
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Hey Alfred -

Agreed...very confused attempt not to offend perhaps.

His follow-up was equally undecipherable for me. Like an absinthe-addled scholar waxing pseudo-philosophical...

But look out! My latest post might get your dander up. Just bear with me...
No -- not at all... I think you're being fair and balanced or counting all the beads even if I may think you inadvertently included a couple of rabbit pellets...

You convince me that any mistake you might make is an honest mistake and one without an axe to grind... ...that you can change your mind given new data... that your mind is not made up reflexively... and ...AND... that you perceive that it is not the one false case that debunks all cases... it's the one true UFO (TRUFO) providing validation for all the UFOs too reflexively denied!

Anyone who believes that there is not _one_ true report is merely whistling in the dark... I think you get that, imo.
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Alfred -

I think we "reach"...

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