Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fence to keep aliens out?

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So the Senate thinks a 370-mile fence along the US/Mexico border is just the thing to keep the "aliens" out?

Fences, walls...hmmm, haven't we tried that idea before?

What was it that Reagan said just before the Cold War ended? Something about a wall? Maybe just a Pink Floyd reference...

Well, at any rate, this design to the left looks pretty effective. The plain sides provide space for artistic beautification, no?

I should add one recommendation...whenever your country decides that a barrier to prevent aliens from coming in is a good idea, I think another really good idea is to learn how to climb barriers.

One can never be too sure whether a fence is keeping outsiders out...or insiders IN. And our govt. has been building some pretty elaborate "guest villages" lately.

Hmmm..."That government oppresses best which oppresses least"...or something like that.

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