Thursday, May 18, 2006

NASA asks for help...NEO/NET very much alive!

NASA has issued a request for papers describing or discussing alternative methods of detecting and deflecting Near Earth Objects which pose a threat.

As UFOlogy shuns astronomy (a la SETI), and struggles to find relevance in the 21st century, is this the outreach that could finally bridge the gap?

Could UFOlogy embrace the UAP/NEO field as a way to garner broader participation, appreciation, recognition?

Is the search for air-...and space-borne threats what may finally unite the various "factions" within UFOlogy, and in fact the larger scientific community?

Might the equipment, minds, and money of the scientific establishment finally find its way into the eager hands, hearts and heads of UFOlogy?

Could the melding of the search for ET, the watch for threats, and the science of avoiding catastrophe lead to a scientific renaissance...or even a "new" science?


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