Monday, May 22, 2006

Pot, meet kettle: Dick Hall jumps the shark...

In the current UFO Updates thread "Re: Specific Cases In Condign Report?", Martin Shough...a likable, respectable, and UFO researcher, takes UFOlogical luminary Dick Hall to task for claiming that reading, examining, and pondering the UK "Condign Report", is a waste of time.

Dick has lamented dozens of times the fact that many people would feel that UFOs are real phenomena if only they'd read the compelling reports with an open mind, and not dismiss them out of hand.

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But now, in the face of Martin's efforts to distill the report for whatever real benefit there may be therein, Dick claims that the entire report is a study in pseudoscience. He bases this opinion on a reading of the "Executive Summary", rather than the entire 3 volume report, which includes over 400 pages.

Whatever you may think of Dick Hall, this is simply hypocritical. If people took his UFO books and read the table of contents alone, and formed an opinion that any further reading would be a silly waste of time, I feel confident that Dick would cry foul, and claim DEBUNKER! By the way, why is the Debunker Guidelines page titled "Meet Richard Hall's cats"? LOL

Dick also added to the confusion by saying that Martin was wasting his time, but that his observations were of value. WTF?

Dick also slyly attempted to pawn his entire argument off as "humor". But any reading of his initial post on the thread reveals very little to be construed as humor, unless derisive humor is your cup of tea.

In the end, ANY documentation of government interest or involvement in UFOs is of value to the community. Money was spent, research was conducted, and effort was expended to produce this taxpayer funded report. It reaches no firm conclusions, but only attempts (badly IMO) to suggest how some UFOs might be explained.

I think its value is in what it does NOT say...that all UFOs are explainable.

In the end, we have a government...a world power...officially claiming that they really just don't know what UFOs are for sure. If this isn't worthy of close scrutiny, I don't know what is.

I applaud Martin and the other who are "wasting their time" to take a closer look at the details...wherein lies the devil if I am properly informed. LOL

And a big fat raspberry to Dick Hall, who should be encouraging the dissection of ANY and ALL government commentaries on UFOs, and not waffling about "jokes" or "wasting of time" or "valuable observations".

After all, did he dismiss the "Condom" report after only a cursory glance at the summary? Not damn likely. In fact, most UFOlogists say that the contents of the Condon report contradicts the Summary. Obviously, someone(s) had to READ the entire report to determine same. Even if the summary rings hollow, shouldn't UFOlogy scrutinize it just in case the summary doesn't exactly fit the report itself? Wouldn't you, of ALL people in UFOlogy, be the first to suggest that the summary may well be non-indicative of the report contents?

Finally, does anyone else see the Magonian argument made here?...that Dick feels suitably schooled on the UFO subject that he can arbitrarily dismiss anything that doesn't jive with his "beliefs"? This knee-jerk repulsion of anything that even hints at being anti-ETH. Pelicanists must be chortling at this turn of events.

A scholar is considered so because of how he uses his amassed knowledge, not the mere fact that he has amassed it.

And once someone is convinced that he has amassed sufficient knowledge that he does not need any more, he has surely become something other than a scholar, no?

I respect you, Dick, but this is beyond the pale.

[via UFO Updates]

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