Monday, May 22, 2006

Tim Shell: 3rd Dimensional Heflin

[Click title to view Tim's 3D image]

Tim Shell grabs a couple of the famous Heflin photos and creates a 3D anaglyph image. (He erroneously calls them analglyphs, but hey, maybe he's just de-TAIL oriented...)

The Heflin photos are considered among the best examples of UFO images. I have a fond attachment to this case because it was the Heflin "profile" photo...on the cover of "Is Something up There"...that first got me interested in UFOs.

The intriguing thing about the profile shot is the swirl of dust on the ground directly beneath the object...apparently giving some sense of distance and scale to the object.

Of course, I eventually realized that the swirl is DIRECTLY beneath the object, while the underside of the object is at an angle pointing at an area some distance from where the dust swirl is located, which seems to indicate that the swirl is a separate event, or an event incorporated into the image on purpose. But who still looks pretty real to me, even thought the shape of the object seems a little "boxy".

Tim takes the fact that Heflin photographed from two horizontally discrete spots, and builds his anaglyph to determine any depth cues that might be present.

Unfortunately, the result is that the object appears to exhibit a precision of lateral movement in relation to the camera that is highly suggestive of an object which is small and VERY close to the camera.

Conclusive? Hardly. But Tim is doing the kind of thing that makes UFOlogy so interesting. He has a skill, and he applied this skill to the UFO case, and actually acquired new information. Debatable information, but definitely information.

Tim deserves kudos for his work here.

For the record, Tim, I agree with your analysis regarding the change in perspective versus the non-change in object size. You seem to have produced compelling evidence that the object was in fact more likely attached to the truck than to some unseen alien propulsion force.

While I'm disappointed at the prospect of having to concede the Heflin case, I applaud your ingenuity!

Sallllll-UTE! LOL

[hat tip to UFO Updates]

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