Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bassett "hounds" public and govt. for attention...

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Stephen Bassett: a "top dog" of exopolitics; self-proclaimed "Jack Abramoff" of UFOs; organizer of the X-Conference; and so on, had to reschedule the X-Conference to "sometime in 2007".

I don't know what your take is on the whole "exopolitics" carnival, but with luminaries (e.g. MoonBats) like Michael Salla and this Bassett fellow heading up the show, it doesn't take a P, an h OR a D to realize these guys are out...to...lunch.

Not sure about that? Try this "manifesto" on for size. These clowns hold these "truths" to be self-evident...hang on to something...

1) There is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
2) Many people in the government and the military are well aware of this.
3) Many of same have begun to speak out publicly.
4) The United States Government continues to maintain a truth embargo and
deny the issue.
5) This truth embargo is no longer acceptable and must be resolved in
favor of the public's right to know.
6) Extraordinary technology which could save countless lives and solve
major problem faced by all nations remains hostage to this truth embargo
and to those leaders who do not trust their own citizens and place the
development of weaponry above all else.
Yowza...they're all BOZOS on this bus. I'm just guessing it's a "short" one. :)

I could accept that there are some tidbits of information the Feds might be holding back on UFOs, but to extrapolate that to the above laundry list of ridiculosity is a tad beyond the pale, IMO.

I suppose you could equate the "Truth Embargo" with Stanton Friedman's "Cosmic Watergate".
But I'd buy a sample cup of Stan's Koolaid before I'd even THINK of buying into this mess of pseudo-outrage. Such absurd "indignation" should be reserved for the many "Supermans" and "Napoleons" populating our nations' wackatoriums...not splashed across the internets for real people with real life issues to have to digest.

And our Congressmen...and -women...are whacked out enough without having to listen to this drivel.

It seems though that the public...and the government types that Stephen has in his sights...have wised up a bit. The ol' "X-men" are having a dickens of a time putting together their next conference.

Hopefully lack of interest will eventually show these guys that their unique brand of interplanetary "detente" is a bit...umm...premature. Or is that immature?

Move along...nothing to see here. LOL

[h/t to UFO Updates]

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