Thursday, June 15, 2006

Heflin case...the sad state of "modern" UFOlogy...

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With great sadness I present the post linked to the title above.

For someone of the "stature" of Richard Hall to take the testimony of an anonymous informer regarding the Heflin case, and declare that...
"Unless and until this person and/or the
alleged other people come forth, identify themselves, and
explain how they know this, I am going to call him
Mr. Anonymous Liar."
...we have surely reached a new low point. This reaction from someone who says he developed the NICAP investigative protocol?

Luckily, a couple of more contemporary researchers made the rather "logical" suggestion of hunting up the man referenced in the anonymous posting. In fact, it appears that the source of the actual "train wheel" story is very much alive and will likely be contacted for his current feelings on the subject.

You'd think it would be Dick Hall leading the march.

Sadly, this kind of verification apparently no longer fits in with his "protocol".

And to call someone a "liar" because they do not come forward? Well, if that is part of the protocol, is it any wonder that people are reluctant to dispute the "sacred cow" cases?


Agreed. I can understand that, since there is no source other than "anomynous' it needs to be taken in that context, but to assume the person is lying. . .that's not necessary. Anyone who's studied UFOlogy for any amount of time should understand that it isn't at all unusual or unexpected for witnesses to be nervous about coming forward.
R. Lee -


My lady is a belly dancer. MANY of her friends are as well, but lots of them post about the dance anonymously because they don't want their work colleagues to know.

WHY? Because they are liars?

No, because some people perceive belly dancers as little more than strippers, just as many nitwits perceive UFOlogy and its adherents as "nuts".

These dancers don't want their avocation to adversely affect their vocation, and rightly so.

Do I think less of the dancers who post anonymously? Of course not...I understand.

Same goes for anonymous UFO posters.

One wonders how much good evidence folks like Dick have ignored or dismissed just because it was offered anonymously...or because it contradicted their "sense" that the sightee was not a "hoaxer".

Not logical, and certainly not scientific.

Thanks for writing!
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