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Maussan hoax? And HOWE!!!

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Linda Moulton Howe brings us a report of a "floating horse" in Milan. The story comes via UFO/paranormal sensationalist Jaime Maussan, which may affect the potential validity (or invalidity) of the story for you.

I try to keep an open mind about my list of UFO/paranormal sensationalists. Your mileage may vary. LOL

At any rate, the question was raised whether the object might actually have been a horse-shaped mylar balloon. I have taken the liberty of cropping such a horse balloon and super-imposing it over the frame shown on Moulton Howe's "Earthfiles" web site.

The similarities seem rather startling...well, as startling as a horse balloon can be.

What seems most sad about this story...besides the webspace devoted to that somewhere a child is without his/her horse balloon. Bummer.

My opinion? Horse balloon...until some evidence is presented to the contrary.

[h/t to Coast to Coast AM]

Nice match. Didn't take you long!

I have seen alot of Maussan's balloon UFO videos with all their odd shapes. Yours is the best match yet with a known object! There is a slight possibility that the other videos he has are true UFOs and not balloons. But are they going to answer any questions about UFOs? No. His videos are simply for media and mass entertainment.
Hi James -

Well, the moment I heard the story on Coast last night, I Googled up a horse balloon. Then I went to "" (it had been knocked offline when I initially tried to access the site during the show), and saw the video frame. It seemed pretty obvious at that point.

Maussan as I said is someone I consider a UFO sensationalist...not a researcher. His embrace of hoaxster Arturo Robles Gil among a veritable rogues' gallery of other unsavory types makes it difficult for me to take him seriously on any subject.

Like Geraldo Rivera, he is more famous for being famous than for anything he may have actually done.

Aha - now we are back in agreement! :-)

LMH lost any credibility she might have had a long time ago.

As for Jaime maussan, I have two words for you - "Johnathan Reed".

I think the best before date for both LMH and JM is long past - if indeed they were ever "fresh" to begin with.

Hey Paul -

You have never been one to sing the praises of Ms. Howe. LOL

And no question...they have both tossed so many stinkers against the wall that one is compelled to grab the nose even before the familiar "splat"...just out of reflex.

The Coast segment on Morgellon's was intriguing, as this odd condition is well-known between here and Austin, and is mystifying doctors while causing some very real pain and suffering.

Her involvement does not bode well for its being embraced by the medical community however, I fear.

Pity, that. The "taint" is strong with this one. LOL
OK, well LMH is a dear friend of mine. Things she puts on her website are there for your consideration and not because she is 100% convinced of them. I think she made it clear on c2c that she was not convinced that the video was authentic, meaning of a real horse.
Why can't people simply report a story without it being assumed that they are convinced of it? I certainly hope nobody thinks that I believe in every story that I link on my blog. I put many stories out for speculation, just for that, not because I totally believe them.
Lesley -

It is for me simple "guilt by association".

Ms. Howe has associated herself with Jaime Maussan...a huckster who makes a living off of UFO hoaxes made glaringly "REAL" by his showcasing them on his TV show.

She has glorified many a discredited "witness", and I have yet to find where she has admitted that she was duped.


I think she did some good work on mutilations...bringing it to the public...but she seems far more interested in finding new book fodder than actually divining truth.

She's not a scientist...her degree is in communications. Shew rarely makes that clear when she mentions being " Stanford".

I could be wrong about her, but I can't ignore the company she keeps.

Thanks for writing!
I could not click on the links you provided, but I am quite sure I know what case you are talking about, the Brazilian case. The reason she has not admitted to being duped is that she is not sure of that given what some of the lab reports said about the evidence collected there. I have discussed this with her and there is also more to it than that, but I cannot say anything about that, as it is not my place.
Hi Lesley -

You're right...the first link I posted was about the Brazilian case. The 2nd link was this one...

I have been following Royce's site for a long time. He has done incredible work exposing frauds in UFOlogy. While his feelings about LMH are VERY different than his feelings for someone like Sean David Morton...a fraud if ever there was one...he feels as I do that Linda tends to "sensationalize" stories for her own benefit, rather than using her position as once-respected reporter (fields of fear days) to make things better.

She has hitched onto Philip Corso, Bernie Haisch, crop circles, etc. etc., and left her critical thinking glasses far behind, IMO.

Again, I'm not saying she's a fraud, I'm just saying that her days of being a respected reporter of important issues are over, and she is unfortunately doing more harm than good with the subjects she chooses to champion.

I speak specifically here about Morgellon's disease. This is a real health issue that affects people in my town, and those of Ausin...a town I visit on a regular basis.

The attention she is trying to focus on this condition could very likely cause REAL medical people NOT to take it seriously, since LMH is now considered a "fringe" reporter. Why, she appears on Coast to Coast AM...not Nightline!

So, Morgellon's now stands to suffer the same fate as the deer-hurling Bigfoot or the flying horse...marginalization and ridicule. As I said...guilt by association.

I didn't make that happen...she made those choices. It is truly unfortunate.

She used to be a fine reporter, IMO.

Sorry. I really do appreciate your comments.
mausan is scared to loose his career so he lies!!!!!!!!

-the girl who lost her ballon PS. i need another 1 rich dudes out ther!!!!
I did some research about the "Flying Horse" that resulted in a BALLOON Check here:
i like you guys "critical thinking" i just hope you apply it to the "traditional religion"'s phylosophies!
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